Ausstellung der Bumiller Collection Berlin

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Contemporary miniatures from Davlat Toshev
& antique objects from The Bumiller Collection

Ein zentralasiatischer Teller des 10. Jahrhunderts aus der Bumiller Collection

Exhibition 17th of January – 13th of April, 2019
Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday, 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Or by appointment: +49 030 52666246
The Bumiller Collection, Studio X-berg
Naunynstraße 68 (BB/ 3.Floor)
10997 Berlin

Davlat Toshev was born on March 19th 1975 in the Bukhara
region of the Republic of Uzbekistan and brought up in a
family of master miniaturists. He is a member of the seventh
generation of practitioners of this famous Oriental art.
His first teachers were his father and his elder brother. After
graduating primary and middle school in 1991 and a long
apprenticeship in the workshop of his brother he started to
work professionally in the field of miniature painting and
calligraphy. At the end of the 1990ies he established his own
workshop and then founded his own school of miniaturists,
where he teaches talented children, handing on his knowledge
and the secrets of miniature painting to the next generation.
Through the years hundreds of skillful artists and
masters have graduated from his school. Among them his
daughter Munisa Buronova, who followed the footsteps of
her father and became one of the youngest skillful miniature
painters in Uzbekistan. Now she is a third year student
of contemporary and traditional art at the National Institute
of Art and Design of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is
named after the famed Safavid painter Kamoliddin Behzod.

He is a member of the Uzbek Academy of Arts,
and truly has been recognized as one of the brightest and
most sought-after contemporary masters of the Bukhara
school of miniatures and calligraphy. His school with its
extraordinary direction is not only well-known throughout
Uzbekistan, but also abroad. He masterfully connects the art
of oriental miniature painting with the literary tradition of
Persian Poetry. The references to his favorite poets Alisher
Navoi, Omar Khayyam and Sheikh Sa’di show the poetics
of miniature art and express his creative insight. Besides the
mastery of painting he also adopted the spiritual traditions
of Sufism from his father, which are widely reflected in his

It is remarkable that the language of the Bukhara miniatures
is understandable both to the East and to the West. Davlat
Toshev’s works are kept in famous private and museum
collections of Russia, France, Great Britain, Turkey, Spain,
Holland and Switzerland.